What is a Connoisseur?

A Cannabis Connoiseur is a cannabis user with years of experience consuming cannabis. You are knowledgeable about how cannabis grown and how extracts are made. Connoisseurs typicaly buy & consume 28G of Cannabis a month. 

Connoisseurs are excellent tokers & great people. They know lots about cannabis & are happy to share the experiences they have fouind investing in the cannabis products they have purchased. They are confident to stand up for the products they love, and never fear sharing the products they do not like.

What can a Cannabis Connoisseur do on the APP?
* Share 5x more products then a Light Toker on the Menu at the Dispensaries you shop.
* Mobile-friendliness, share the images, costs and experience right on the menu. NO PRIVATE INFO SHARED OR SHOWN. OUR STUPID STARS. Users can post any words on the menu since everyone is an Adult.
* Join Unlimited Sessions at Local Dispensaries in your Area. Start getting some power at the store you shop.

BE the connoisseur that your are...

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