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Just a Light User?

Get the help from the best Connoisseurs + Passionate Cannabis users in your area who shop at the same stores. Share the Products you Buy.                      


Share your Experience as Connoisseur Right on the menu for others to see.

Show other Cannabis user what is worth trying and what you should pass on.


Share your Experience as a BudTender where you work, start growing the business with help from your experience & passion for cannabis. Give customers a reason to come to your store & ask for you. 


Do you write Cannabis Articles or Make Videos for Cannabis Products? Let us know & Post your Info on the Explore Section. 

Light Toker
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Give your BudTenders a way to share Products & there Experience right on the menu. 

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1) First to Get Started, Fill out the form above so we can talk with you to find out what stores you shop at when buying cannabis. 

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All those years of hitting & Finding the Best Buds should give you the buying power your deserve. Lets showing what we buy where we buy it.

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We are just getting started and working to develop the app so it works for all types of Canabis Users. Any Feedback Email us at

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100% Private! No Emails or Info will be shared with any Stores. All User Info is Kept Private. 100% Safe! 

Cannabis Events 

Are you going to a Cannabis Event?  See what products will be available at the event. Share what products you find at Local Events in your area. Help other Cannabis Users find the right stuff.

See the Menu for Sponsors at the Event 

Find the Time, Location & Ticket Cost

Get a Good Idea if the Event is even worth Attending 

Join the Cannabis Sessions Made for Events going on in your area. Share what you find from Sponsors at the Cannabis Event. 

Grow Your Dispensary

Grow your dispensary with help from the loyal customer you have made over the years of great sales. Keep customers from leaving your store. Build on years of quality products and excellent products and high quality service from BudTenders.
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Realize The Best BudTenders

Give your BudTenders the power they need to share products right on the menu. Let Expericed BudTenders Share Products while they work. Give customers a reason to visit BudTenders they know and Trust. 

Create An Effective Team

Build an Amazing Team of BudTenders that help find Connoisseurs who join the Store Sessions to share the products they buy. Connoiseurs will help bring Light Tokersand Other users to the session who try the products connoisseurs buy. Bulding a Dedicated Network of Three Different Cannabis users loyal to your store. 

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Our Mission is to make a better buying experience that provides Information about pricing & product experiences with the feedback from the people buying it. Enjoy Honest Buying Experience with help from everyone who loves Cannabis.